Cateran Coaching and Consulting

Dedicated to develop the performance of
individuals, teams and organisations

Our objective is to improve the performance of individuals, teams and organisations. We do this by understanding their needs and working closely with them to develop and implement clear actionable plans, utilising proven coaching and consulting models.

Our philosophy and approach is simple. We deliver value and authenticity to our clients whether coaching or consulting. Supporting them to critically analyse opportunities and situations, build and develop existing plans and challenging them to expand their thinking.

Our professional passion lies in delivering positive results and accelerated growth through the development of people and teams. This is achieved, whether coaching individuals or consulting and advising organisations.

Cateran Coaching

Cateran Coaching provides both personal and team coaching designed specifically for the individual or organisation. Our services include personal coaching, career coaching, business and executive coaching.

We aim to create a partnership with you, your team or organisation designed to help identify and deliver your personal and professional goals. We will work with you to get clarity on the things that matter the most, create goals that align with your values, and develop a plan that empowers you to take action and deliver your goal.

Cateran Consulting

Cateran Consulting provides customised strategic and business planning services based on distinctive experiences with leading international organisations. Working with you and your leadership team as thought partners, we help you build and tailor strategies to ensure your business realises its true potential.

We also help implement business plans, advising and supporting you through the process. With personal leadership and functional experience in both multinational and SME companies, we bring a unique combination of practical business experience, a structured approach and proven techniques to every project.

Cateran Consulting